No race horse betting here in Hong Kong!

I just read an interesting article at the Monsters and Critics website about the Olympic Equestrian events in Hong Kong!

> on September 12, 2009 in Melbourne, Australia.

It seems the local people showed up at the track prepared to do a little race horse betting, only to find themselves at the dressage events. Sometimes, its funny but for now let me focus on sites that predict football matches correctly.

Dressage is an event where the horse is guided through a complex set of movements by only slight movements of the rider. The action was so slow some thought it was just the warm ups before the racing started.

Let’s just say the locals were expecting a little more action from the local track and according to the article some even feel asleep during the ‘horse ballet’. Needless to say the place was almost empty by the end and I would suspect most will not be back until normal racing returns.

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